Our Core Values


From your first customer contact to our follow up reviews of your experience… you can trust that we will be there with you every step of your development journey.

All our published courses are arranged in premium training centres and led by the best, brightest and certified industry experts to ensure that your learning experience is positive, relaxing and without distraction.


The Mind Tree will only publish high quality courses with genuine availability at dedicated training centres. We will not advertise ‘Ghost’ courses to test the market interest and we will not advertise unbooked locations or change your learning centre location from the one you’ve booked. Our terms and conditions are very clear and customer focused so you don’t have to worry about anything apart from advancing your knowledge development.


The Mind Tree team will ensure your learning experience is as simple as possible so you don’t have to worry about the small things and can focus on You.

We understand that is is essential for you to receive quality rest and nutritious food to energise the brain and maximise your learning so we have partnered with local eateries and hotels to provide this unique offering to our customers.


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